NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. — FOX4 has obtained a survey asking Clay County residents how they feel about a new Kansas City Royals stadium either north or south of the river.

One question in the survey by Bold Decision has caught people’s attention.

It asked whether people would “support or oppose a new sales tax in Clay County to help fund construction of a new multi-billion-dollar stadium and mixed-use development?”

Results say 70% of respondents would oppose that new sales tax. Meanwhile, 22% of the 300 registered voters said they would support that new sales tax, and 8% voluntarily said they were undecided.

Bold Decision, a Washington D.C.-based research firm, did not survey Jackson County residents about how they feel about extending the current 3/8th-cent sales tax to try keeping the Royals and Kansas City Chiefs in their county for decades to come.

“So this poll was specifically of Clay County voters, so we’re only looking at Clay County voters and only asking about Clay County,” Bold Decision Founding Partner Adam Rosenblatt told FOX4 Tuesday when asked why Jackson County residents weren’t polled.

“We don’t comment on who the sponsor of our research is,” he continued when asked who wanted this survey done.

Clay County Western Commissioner Scott Wagner found out about the research Tuesday.

“That poll is designed to do one thing and that is to suggest that there is no pathway to getting something done here in Clay County,” Wagner said in an interview with FOX4 Wednesday.

“No idea,” he continued when asked who he thought paid Bold Decision to have this survey done. “It would have to be someone whose interest is a downtown Kansas City, Jackson County location.”

The other potential stadium site besides the North Kansas City location is the East Village site northeast of 12th and Cherry streets in Kansas City.

“You know what I’ll say is this: What I understand is that I think these polls, and I think hopefully one in Jackson County — I hear there have been those done too, and maybe they haven’t leaked, maybe they have — but I’d like us to have a good set of all of the information possible that’s out there,” Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas told FOX4 Wednesday when asked if he knew who did the poll.