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MIAMI — MLB players and fans are patiently waiting for the lockout between the league and players association to come to an end to avoid a delay to the start of the season, but in the meantime, Kansas City Royals catcher Salvador Pérez is using his free time to take on a new gig.

Pérez loves tattoos and his body is covered with several pieces that honor his achievements and his life.

While in Miami with his usual tattoo artist, Luis Gil, Pérez turned the tables and left his mark on Gil’s skin.

The 2021 MLB home run leader inked “El Niño Team” on his fellow Venezuelan’s forearm, paying homage to his own nickname.

“The best catcher in the world and the best tattoo artist in the world!” Pérez said in Spanish as he began his design.

Gil posted the entire tattoo session on his Instagram as he and his staff guided Pérez from beginning to end.

“It’s perfect!” Gil said.

During the session, the Miami-based tattoo artist added more art to the seven-time All-Star’s chest.

Salvy and Royals fans will hope to see him behind home plate soon as soon as the lockout is over.