KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The new site plans and renderings the Kansas City Royals released Tuesday answer some questions about what the future of baseball could look like in the metro, but it also has some residents wondering about the downstream impact of a $2 billion development in their community.

“I mean, that would be really cool. I feel like it would make everything really accessible,” said Rachel Eck. “I live pretty close Power and Light so it would be pretty neat.”

She just moved to Kansas City from St. Louis where downtown baseball created a year-round attraction.

“The Cardinals play downtown and so Ballpark Village is a huge scene both for the games but also for watching other sports and I go to Ballpark Village a lot,” Eck said.

In the Northland, Diane Smith is all in for the North Kansas City option.

“If the Royals are wanting to do something different, I think this would be a good location for it to be,” Smith said, while looking at site plans about a block away from where the new ballpark would be.

It would require a lot of industrial space to be cleared for the ballpark, apartments, offices, and park area complete with a pond, which caught Smith’s eye.

“That is so cool though,” Smith said. “I work down off the [Country Club] Plaza and so all the things that I think they wanted Brush Creek to be as far as a river walk didn’t really materialize so if that could happen over here, I think that would be awesome,” Smith said.

Thomas Fuller lives in North Kansas City and is thinking about businesses that would have to move and the gameday bustle he doesn’t have to navigate right now.

“On the one hand, it would be bringing new exciting stuff to [North Kansas] city but on the other hand it will drastically, fundamentally change the feeling of the city,” Fuller said.

The plan is for the Royals to announce which site they’ll pick by the end of September but Tuesday, the team said that timeline could change.