KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Royals president Dayton Moore is putting his vote of confidence behind pitching coach Cal Eldred.

Eldred has been receiving criticism this season for the Royals’ pitching struggles; KC has the third-worst ERA in the league with almost five per game.

Despite the Royals being in last place in the AL Central, Moore is in full support of the fifth-year pitching coach.

“Cal’s doing a great job and I appreciate the question. Questions like that should be asked. I ask those questions, John Sherman [Royals chairman and CEO] asks those questions, JJ Picollo [Royals general manager] asks those questions as well. Cal’s doing a tremendous job as far as his attitude is concerned.”

“We’re seeing some growth take place.”

“I have plenty of sleepless nights like everybody else and we all care deeply and that’s what makes this community so special.”

Moore also credited Eldred for helping the current pitchers transfer to the major leagues and Picollo for making sure all of the developmental processes are understood throughout the organization.

Since Eldred joined the team in 2018, the Royals’ ERA has never been lower than four even reaching as high as 5.20 in 2019. Current pitchers Scott Barlow, Josh Staumont, Gabe Speier and Brad Keller; Barlow and Keller had two of the highest ERAs for the club that season.

While many fans have their gripes about the Royals since their 2015 World Series, Moore said this transition period is needed for the organization.

“Whether we want to accept it or not, this is a necessary phase of what we have to go through.”

“Tension is high, people are frustrated, but it’s how we deal with that frustration, how we manage that tension that’s ultimately going to bring us together.

Are we going to blame one another, are we going to look for solutions, are we gonna be accountable at every level or are we going to pass on that responsibility to somebody else? But it’s a necessary phase of what we’re going through, what we’re going to need to ultimately win a championship again.”

The Royals begin the last series of their West Coast trip with the Los Angeles Angels on Monday before they are back home vs. the Oakland A’s on Friday.