KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Anticipation is building as the Kansas City Royals unveil renderings of team’s plan to build a new $2 billion baseball stadium.

Team leadership presented economic data and new renderings of the proposed stadium Tuesday. Rewatch the full presentation in the video player below.

In January, a consultant for the Royals said the team was considering 14 potential sites near downtown for a future stadium. The list of potential sites has since dwindled down to two.

The Royals will now choose between building a new stadium in the East Village near the downtown loop or a site in North Kansas City near 18th Avenue and Fayette Street.

See the renderings for the East Village site below:

The East Village stadium is near 12th and Cherry streets where parking lots currently sit. The Royals said fans would enter the East Village stadium on 12th Street. The site is 27 acres and more vertically oriented.

Two-and-a-half miles away is the North Kansas City site, south of Armour Road. It’s 90 acres and would be more residentially focused, as opposed to a commercial focus in the East Village. The NKC plan still includes a hotel, performing arts space, a park and more.

See the renderings for the North Kansas City site below:

The team also released conceptual videos and economic reports for both the East Village and North Kansas City sites.

Advisors working with the Royals said a new ballpark could create 600 new jobs, but they wouldn’t say which site would have more of an economic impact.

A $1 billion private investment from the Royals ownership group is expected to help support the entertainment district surrounding the stadium; that’s in addition to a proposed sales tax for the stadium that could impact taxpayers in whichever county the Royals select.

The Royals are expected to announce the location for the new stadium in late September. Team leaders said they’d like to be in their new home at the start of the 2028 season.