KANSAS CITY, Mo. — To say the Kansas City Royals aren’t hitting well is an understatement.

They only have three starters with a batting average of .250+: Nicky Lopez, Andrew Benintendi and Hunter Dozier. These players, along with Salvador Perez, also are the only starters with an OPS of .700+.

Although subpar hitting stats have led to a 5-6 record in the first 11 games, manager Mike Matheny knows that things will come around eventually.

“It’s the obvious that we need to get our offense going,” he said.

“We’re gonna have to do the little things right. We have to get big hits. That’s just common sense,” Matheny said after a 1-0 loss to the Minnesota Twins on Thursday.

While the Royals’ numbers are near the bottom of the league, MLB numbers as a whole are down as well. Some experts attribute that to a new rule that requires baseballs to be dried in humid climates and “wettened” in dry climates or to a deadened baseball being used now to limit home runs.

Whatever the case may be, Royals players said they’ll get to quality hitting soon while they rely on their pitching for now.

“I think a lot of guys’ numbers would be different if it wasn’t for the weather,” Benintendi said after the game. “It is what it is and can’t control it so we’re all excited to be on the road.”

“To be able to win a series when we’re not even swinging very well and to be able to be in the situation that we’re in right now and we haven’t even started clicking is encouraging,” Lopez said.

Royals start their three game series with the Seattle Mariners at 8:40 p.m. CT Friday.