SW Boulevard restaurant owner, Salvy’s ‘mom,’ dies of COVID-19 complications, but family pushes on


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Beloved Royals catcher Salvador Perez helped put Southwest Boulevard restaurant Empanada Madness on the map.

But it’s been a rough couple of months for the family behind the popular spot after the woman Salvy called ‘mom’ passed away. Patricia Fernandez, one of the restaurant’s owners, died from pulmonary fibrosis after contracting COVID-19 in early September. 

The restaurant’s been closed the last two weeks, as the family mourned Fernandez’s death. She died in mid-October. 

Now they’ve opened again, and the family said it’s out of respect to Fernandez.

“We have a lot to appreciate from my mom,” Fernandez’s son Juan Penaloza said. “We have a lot that we want to show appreciation for her. Let her know that we’re not going to let her business fall down. We want her business to thrive, even though she’s not here to put in the work herself.”

The family said Perez has already sent his condolences. They’re also asking everyone to continue taking the virus seriously. 



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