KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The SEIU Local 1 union is criticizing the Kansas City Royals for what it’s calling unsafe drinking water for the employees it represents.

A press release from the union states workers used to bring their cups into Kauffman Stadium from their homes to drink water from. But two years ago, they said the team stopped allowing that.

“You would have to speak with the Royals as to why they’re doing this, and why they don’t allow this and as to why they refuse to allow that as part of the bargaining contract that they’re working on right now,” SEIU Local 1 spokesman Luisangel Rodriguez said.

“The Kansas City Royals have always worked closely with SEIU Local 1 to make sure all employees and staff have a safe work environment,” Royals spokeswoman Sharita Hutton said. “We are currently in ongoing union negotiations with SEIU Local 1, and this is the first time the issue around water has been included in negotiations.”

Hutton also said those workers are allowed to use any type of container. She also said they have access to five-gallon water containers, and they can refill them at any time during their day.

Rodriguez on the other hand, shares a different view. 

“Baseball season is long, and it’s hot, and workers deserve to have conditions that we’re they’re allowed to hydrate, and they’re allowed to go get water and they’re allowed to stay healthy for the most part,” Rodriguez said.

It has not been hot so far this season, though. Rodriguez says his workers are at the negotiating table with the team. They are currently working off a contract that’s expired.

“At the end of the day, we’re just sharing stories that the workers are sharing,” Rodriguez continued. “They’re reporting these unsafe hazardous working conditions are something that they have to do deal with, and we believe that it’s just something that people should know.”  

The Royals continue their home stand at The K Monday through Thursday of this week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s games against the Blue Jays start at 6:40 p.m. Thursday’s game starts at 1:10 p.m.