SEC, Big 12 Agree to Championship Bowl Game

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Big 12 and Southeastern Conferences announced a potential major shakeup in the landscape of college football on Friday.

Starting in the 2014 season, the champs of the Big 12 will meet the champs of the SEC in a New Year’s Day bowl game. If either of the Big 12 or SEC champs get selected to play in college football’s new four-team playoff, then their vacant spot would be filled by the second place team in that particular conference.

This new five-year agreement could potentially force several big name schools to either move to a different conference, or simply become part of a conference for the first time.

An ACC powerhouse like Florida State has a new reason to consider moving to a conference like the Big 12, in order to have a legitimate chance of playing in a powerhouse bowl game. A legendary program with no conference affiliation, like Notre Dame for instance, might be forced to join one, if they want to play with the big boys.

Now, more than ever, the Big 12 appears to be on solid ground. This new agreement makes the Big 12 even more relevant and stable, while other conferences like the ACC or Big East take a significant hit.

The SEC, Big 12 championship bowl game will kick off a new tradition much like the Big Ten, Pac-12 Rose Bowl on January 1st, 2015.



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