Social media erupts over Eli Manning’s blank stare after Broncos’ TD

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SAN FRANCISCO — Denver’s Super Bowl 50 victory was a huge accomplishment for the Broncos and quarterback Peyton Manning, but a moment caught on camera before the game ended left many viewers wondering if Peyton’s younger brother, Eli, was jealous of his big brother’s accomplishment.

When the camera panned to the Manning family following a Denver touchdown, everyone seemed to celebrate with excitement except for  Eli. Eli’s blank stare left many on social media questioning whether the Giants quarterback was jealous of his big brother’s accomplishment, but could his face simply been an expression of his nerves?

After all, there was still three minutes and eight seconds left in the game and the Broncos were only leading 22-10 before they completed a two-point conversion attempt to extend the lead to 24-10.

Eli has experience playing in the Super Bowl. The quarterback helped lead the New York Giants to victories in Super Bowl XLII and Super Bowl XLVI. Both times the Giants defeated the Patriots. So most likely Eli understands the pressure of playing on such a large stage and that three minutes and eight seconds  is still a lot of time for a team to potentially score.

Also, all scoring plays in the NFL are reviewed. So was Eli just waiting till the touchdown was confirmed?

Because sometimes celebrating too soon, is not always a good thing. Royals fans should understand that it’s best to not celebrate a victory until the game is officially over.

Royals fans can recall that awkward tweet from Texas Gov.  Greg Abbott that came when the Royals were down 6-2 heading into the eighth inning of Game 4 of the ALDS. Unfortunately for the governor the Kansas City the Royals came back to win the game 9-6 and pushed the 2015 ALDS to a fifth game, where the Royals won and ultimately went on to win the World Series.

Although we may never know exactly what Eli was thinking, we can only hope he is proud of his big brother.

Here are some of the tweets posted to social media following Eli’s blank stare:

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