‘Hoping it will be a good year’: Sporting KC’s Alan Pulido optimistic about upcoming season

Sporting KC

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Sporting KC striker Alan Pulido has some unfinished business on the pitch. 

Pulido sprained his knee in November, causing him to miss the 2020 playoffs. 

“It was very hard to miss this, but hopefully in the upcoming season, I will be able to maintain my health and be able to play in the playoffs and continue to reach my goal for Sporting KC,” Pulido told reporters Thursday. 

Pulido, along with Gadi Kinda and Johnny Russell, led Sporting with six goals a year ago. Pulido also had a team-high five assists. 

“Last season went well even though we lost in the conference semifinals. Overall, it was a very good year, and we had to adjust this past year with the difficulties of everything happening,” Pulido said.

Despite last year’s challenges, Pulido is optimistic about the season ahead. 

“I have given a lot of time to make sure that I continue with a strong mentality both on and off the field. These are hard times, but I do believe in God and that nothing will last forever,” Pulido said. “As long as we maintain a strong, optimistic mentality, I’m happy and hoping it will be a good year overall.”



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