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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The city and a division of Sporting KC will share in the profits from a new Northland soccer complex, under a proposed agreement unanimously approved Wednesday by the council’s infrastructure committee.

The new sports center will be located near Missouri Highway 152 and Platte Purchase Drive.

Kansas City renegotiated its contract with Sporting KC so that taxpayers are no longer responsible for any losses incurred at Swope Soccer Village, if most tournaments move north of the river.

Northlanders pushed for the 10 new fields, saying they have to travel long distances for their kids to play competitive soccer.

“The agreement shifts all the burden and responsibility on Sporting,” Assistant City Manager Wes Minder said. “Sporting has it in its best interests to program both facilities for this ten year term. So this agreement will allow them to offer 20 fields in Kansas City, so we can get people visiting in town to visit the Swope Village and then also the one north of the river.”

The city also negotiated a 10 percent profit sharing arrangement with Sporting Fields Northland, with the city’s share of profits from the two soccer centers going into a maintenance reserve fund for both complexes.

Supporters of the Northland sports complex say the deal adds more parking to Swope Soccer Village while helping develop Kansas City by attracting soccer fans from around the nation.