KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Sporting Kansas City hosted the Columbus Crew to a draw Saturday night after a weather delay stopped the game in the second half for nearly an hour.

SKC ended their three game losing streak, but now sit at four games without a victory.

Things looked grim for the home team after just three minutes into the game as defender Nicolas Isimat-Mirin had to be subbed off following a collision with Columbus forward James Igbekeme.

“He heads the ball. The guy heads him right in his head. To think that that’s just two guys going up for heading a ball, no chance. That was reckless,” manager Peter Vermes said.

The French center back suffered a concussion and was replaced by 20-year-old German defender Robert Voloder.

“First of all, it’s good that Isi is doing okay,” Voloder said. To play my first game at home for most of the 90 minutes was very cool. The home crowd is amazing. I felt them push me and it motivated me.”

Voloder earned just his second appearance for Sporting and played alongside Olathe-native Kortne Ford, who replaced Andreu Fontas, on the backline.

“The guys have been supportive, so I’m happy the way I played. At the end of the day, we just didn’t get the result that we wanted but we’ll take the point,” Ford said. “I think it’s one of the things that I really like about this team is the chemistry. Regardless of where you’re at in the depth chart, we play together in training all the time. Me and Robbie especially, we play back there all the time when we weren’t getting the start.”

Misfortune continued for the home team who felt a penalty kick should have been awarded after midfielder Remi Walter hit the pitch after contact from Crew defender Pedro Santos.

“It was a penalty kick. If that’s not a penalty kick, I don’t know what a penalty kick is and I don’t know soccer,” Vermes said. “I don’t know how you run into the back of a guy and especially his legs, not just upper body, and you reach out a little bit to grab. He did not dive. No chance.”

Sporting’s attacking woes continued as they only had three shots in the entire 90 minutes of play, despite dominated the possession battle.

Before the weather delay, Ford saved Sporting with a goal-line clearance evading a 1-0 deficit at home.

SKC remain toward the bottom in the conference standings, but they’ll hope that their first point in four matches will help propel them to some wins.

The club will stay at home for the Saturday, April 30 matchup with FC Dallas who sit in fourth place in the West.