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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Sporting Kansas City defender Kortne Ford was issued a 10-game suspension after testing positive for performance enhancing drugs, but the Olathe, Kansas, native says a fat loss supplement is responsible for the positive test.

Ford, who joined SKC this offseason and was enjoying a bounce-back season, issued a long statement on social media addressing the misleading use of “performance enhancing drugs.”

It has been extremely difficult having to wait this long to put out a statement… knowing that most people are assuming the worst when hearing that I have failed a drug test for “Performance Enhancing Drugs.”

The term “Performance Enhancing” makes me sick to my stomach and it is extremely humiliating to even be associated with. Although I will take this time to take responsibility for my actions, I would also like to tell my truth because I think the term “Performance Enhancing” could not be more misleading.

Kortne Ford

Ford said it is not uncommon for him to take supplements during his offseason training, but unfortunate circumstances caused a lapse in judgement.

This past offseason, Ford was still in Denver, Colorado, and was told his mother had a few weeks to live and he moved her into hospice at his home. Simultaneously, he hired a personal trainer to purchase supplements and provide him with training sessions in the evening.

This judgment call ended up being one of the biggest mistakes I have made in my career. The trainer I heard specifically told me on three different occasions that he had checked the list of supplements against the NSF certified list, ensuring me that everything in the stack of supplements was safe. Unfortunately, one of the fat loss supplements he had me on came back positive (metabolites only, not the [actual] substance) on our most recent drug test.

Kortne Ford

Ford added that he wasn’t deflecting responsibility for what he puts into his own body, but he did not want to be associated with the use of drugs like steroids, DHEA or testosterone.

The center back has missed the larger part of the last three seasons due to injuries and his return to Major League Soccer came earlier this season with Sporting KC.

“I look forward to overcoming this adversity in my career just like I always have. I will serve my suspension and come back stronger,” Ford said.

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