The Patriots face the Cowboys in one of Week 4's most intriguing NFL matchups. 

In addition to the game featuring two of the league's most successful teams and biggest brands, how Dallas responds after last week's upset loss to the Cardinals will be worth watching. And New England is coming off a hard-fought win over the Jets.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick had plenty to say about the Cowboys, going on a five-minute monologue summarizing nearly everything about the upcoming team before closing his remarks with a signature "So, there you have it. That's Dallas."

However, as thorough as Belichick's review of the Cowboys appeared to be–covering the coaching staff, offensive and defensive standouts, and even Dallas's kicking game–there was one player the coach didn't mention in his long monologue. He had nothing to say about quarterback Dak Prescott. 

Overlooking the Cowboys' longtime signal caller seemed strange. It's not as if Prescott isn't having a good season. Through three games, he's thrown for 647 yards and three touchdowns while completing 69-of-102 passes. No, those aren't eye-popping numbers but Dallas is getting big production out of running back Tony Pollard, who's rushed for 264 yards.

Cynical fans might say that Belichick doesn't think Prescott is worth mentioning. But perhaps the coach was presuming that reporters already knew plenty about the Cowboys quarterback and didn't need further explanation. Belichick would give the media that much credit, right?