Sunflower Showdown fans show up despite pandemic


MANHATTAN, Kan. – Bill Snyder family stadium may have restricted rules on game days right now, but fans still showed up even with the changes.

Purple and white or red and blue. These football fans still found ways to enjoy the game.

“I’ve been supporting the hawks through thick and thin my whole life,” Luke Howard, a lifetime Kansas fan said. “It has always been a part of my family. Just supporting the football program through all the hard years.”

Family members of the football players have also created their own new game day traditions this year, even without tailgating as an option. The sister of Blake Lynch, a kicker for Kansas State, shared her favorite parts about game day this year.

“He [Blake] lives with another guy on the football team,” Tara Lynch, his sister, said. “Their family and our family will get together before games and we will just grill out or pregame. So basically we make our own tailgate.”

The Wildcats have now won the past 12 Sunflower Showdown games.



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