KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Everyone’s favorite head coach Ted Lasso sent individual messages to every member of the United States men’s national team as they head off to Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Lasso, played by Kansas City-native Jason Sudeikis, became famous for his motivational speeches and connection to his players.

A billboard with an individual message for each member of the 26-man roster heading to Qatar appeared in their respective hometowns.

Coach Gregg,

Everything is a little extra in Chicago. From Pizzas that need their own elevators to the only bean that’s too big to fit up your nose. Even you, with that extra “G” at the end of your name. You Must have earned that by being so dogggone ggood at soccer. That’s ggota stingg for all those singgle “G” Gregs out there. Ggreat Greg’s wishin’ they could be Gregger. ‘Cause you gget to be the head coach of the dangg U.S. national men’s team. I just know you and your extra “G” are ggonna take those fellas all the way. Maybe even earn youself a third “G” at the end for being so Gregggcellent.

Best Greggards,

Ted Lasso

Message to USMNT Head Coach Gregg Berhalter

The United States starts their journey in Qatar against Wales on November 21 at 1 p.m. Central Time.