Big Game Bound: Tom Brady vs. Patrick Mahomes matchup for the ages

The Big Game

Big Game Bound streams all week at 1 p.m. ET live from downtown Tampa

TAMPA (WFLA) – The Big Game Bound show moved to Tampa, Florida, this week, home to the Buccaneers and this year’s NFC Champions who are taking on the AFC Champions Kansas City Chiefs.

The spotlight for this game will be on the quarterbacks: Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. It’s being called a matchup for the ages – old vs young. Brady could become the first quarterback to win for two teams after turning 40, while Mahomes could be the first to collect two back-to-back titles by the age of 25.


Join our team live every day at 1 p.m. ET: Big Game Bound’s Jarrett Payton, son of NFL legend Walter Payton, WOOD-TV’s Jack Doles, FOX59’s Chris Hagan, and WFLA’s J.B. Biunno for the action-packed kickoff week of the Chiefs-Buccaneers matchup.

And who better to break down the Brady-Mahomes matchup than NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon. Which QB would you rather have this Sunday? Moon shares his breakdown live.

The team is also catching up Monday with Dr. Jen Welter, the first female to coach in the NFL with the Arizona Cardinals.

And our Big Game Bound team focus is on the Detroit Lions and the Los Angeles Rams. They will analyze the Matthew Stafford-Jared Goff swap between the teams. Stafford is headed west to play for Sean McVay in Los Angeles, while Jared Goff goes to Detroit to operate under a new head coach.

Big Game Bound streams live on this site all week long at 1 p.m. eastern / 12c with guests previewing Super Bowl LV between the Chiefs and Buccaneers.



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