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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Chiefs are undefeated after six games and the entire Chiefs Nation is excited.  Thanks to a partnership with McDonald’s, they’re probably stuffed too.

The two teamed up on a new promotion this year, Big Macs for Sacks. It’s pretty simple.  If the Chiefs defense gets a sack, you get a Mac.

“We decided any time they get one sack, we’re gonna give a buy one get one free Big Mac,” Jim Wagy, owner, operator of several metro McDonald’s, said. “You know last year looking at them nobody expected the results we’re getting this year.”

With the Chiefs defense leading the NFL in sacks so far this season, metro McDonald’s restaurants have been busy. Wagy loves watching the games, but as soon as there’s a sack, he’s getting ready for the next day of work.

“Monday is our game day,” Wagy said. “It’s always the day after and you know our crew and our managers and our suppliers are all watching this and we’re getting ready to go with our people the next day scheduling enough to handle it.”

One of the many men on the Chiefs defense responsible for the extra work is Dontari Poe. The defensive tackle has done is part and is happy to help the fans.

“For everybody that loves McDonald’s I think it’s a great thing and people that like sacks too.” said Dontari Poe.

Metro McDonald’s also rolled out the Blitz Box — a mega meal of two quarter pounders, fries and 20 McNuggets. Part of the proceeds from each box sold goes to the Ronald McDonald House.  Poe says it’s a great way to help.

“When you can help kids at Ronald McDonald house, it’s always a good thing.” said Poe.