KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Football fans planning to head to Phoenix to cheer on the Chiefs can fly like winners.

But that’s only if the fans can follow a few travel tips before their flight to the big game and back home with their stash of Super Bowl souvenirs.

Transportation Security Administration officials said they expect heavy travel from Kansas City International Airport this week as locals head to Super Bowl LVII.

The average daily travel typically 12,000 passengers per day this part of the year at MCI, will grow to 17,000 daily leading up to the game on Sunday.

“Planning is critical when traveling on busy weeks like this,” TSA Federal Security Director for Missouri Angela Brooks said. “Arriving at the airport with extra time and knowing what can and can’t be packed in carry-on and checked bags will save you time and keeps things moving quickly at checkpoints.” 

Passengers can bring solid foods with them. Liquids are limited to 3.4 ounces or less, packed in a quart-sized bag, and limited to one per passenger.

When returning home after the big game, fans should pack their game programs in their carry-on bags. Other souvenirs such as hats, helmets, footballs, pennants, T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, plastic cups, and rally flags may be packed in a carry-on or checked bag.

Empty metal beer cans with the Super Bowl logo can be packed in checked or carry-on bags. If fans want to bring home their souvenir beer cans with beer in them, those need to be packed in a checked bag.