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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s a new time for college athletic programs, and Athletic Director Dr. Brandon Martin is trying to get creative with UMKC.  So, he started the RISE Alliance, Roos Inspiring Success and Excellence.  The main thing is the help the coaches help athletes to succeed by helping each other.

“We’ll have better unity, we’ll have better connection, we’ll have better communication and it’ll be a victory for us.” Martin said. “Now we don’t want this to end once the pandemic ends, we want to continue this. The goal is for us to master this group.”

While athletic programs across the country deal with an uncertain future due to the coronavirus pandemic, there will be difficulties in recruiting. Roos Coach, Jacie Hoyt, says she’s had to get creative on social media recently. Now all the coaches can discuss ways to do that along with planning for practice, game-day plans and dealing with off the field issues like name image and likeness.

“In order for this to work, it has to be coach focused, it has to be coach-driven, the content — we can have a road map, but a lot of it has to be organic and it has to be something they buy into.”

Meetings started Thursday, among the topics discussed, a virtual library.  Each coach talked about a book that impacted them.  And it’s a place to freely share ideas, one session at a time. The goal in this end, make every program better through communication.

“How are we going to accommodate coaches, how coaches are going to have that personal touch with their student-athletes.”  Martin said.  “How we can best position coaches for success during this period.  And so, my thought, is that we can create a community of excellence for coaches where we can have cross coach connections where we can build synergy and talk about a myriad of issues.”