What are the odds? Chiefs have won 13 straight pre-game coin tosses

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some think of 13 as being the most unlucky number.

It turned out to be a stroke of good luck for the Kansas City Chiefs (8-1) and keeping their streak alive -- when it comes to winning game day coin tosses.

The numbers are fairly staggering. The Chiefs can't seem to miss a coin flip, the ceremonial decision-maker that begins each NFL game.

Counting the 2018 preseason, the Chiefs have won 13 consecutive coin flips.

Courtesy Kansas City Chiefs

Keith Brandt, a mathematics professor at Rockhurst University, said the odds are higher than one might expect that one team could successfully choose heads or tails over and over.

"You're either going to win the toss or lose the toss," Brandt said Wednesday.

Once per year, Brandt, who has taught at Rockhurst University for 18 years, conducts a semester-long course on probability. On Wednesday, he explained the large odds of making the right call 13 times in a row without fail.

He calculates the odds at 8,912 to 1.

"After the first flip is known, you have the same thing again," Brandt said as he feverishly worked.

The professor diagrammed the odds of guessing heads versus tails correctly grows each time they flip for the football. He compares it to the likelihood being singled out while residing in a small town of 8,900 people.

Courtesy Kansas City Chiefs

"If it's one in 8,000 times, basically, it should never happen again in our lifetimes. The following 100 Chiefs seasons, if they have another hundred seasons, we should never see this again," Brandt said. "It's highly unlikely."

The Chiefs are aware of their flippin' fortune.

Even Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahimes, the number one star in Chiefs kingdom, laughed about it on Wednesday afternoon, jokingly claiming he wanted no part of the stress involved in choosing heads or tails.

"It's one of the most nervous points of the game right now for me," Mahomes said. "I don't think there's any pressure. Whatever happens, happens. At the same time, (Chiefs players) know what's happening."

"I'm guessing they want the coin toss to be over so we can watch the game," Brandt grinned.

In the end, pro players like Mahomes don`t care about coin flips. After all it might be the least exciting part of each game. The numbers he cares about are on the scoreboard, and those are adding up just fine.

The Chiefs hold the AFC's best record, and they have at least a 50-50 chance of winning their next game. That happens this Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium vs. Arizona. The opening coin flip is scheduled for noon.

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