KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas Jayhawks hold the record for the longest NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament appearance streak. With 33 consecutive appearances, KU has constantly been in the middle of March Madness since 1990.

North Carolina, Michigan State, Duke and Gonzaga also have impressive NCAA Tournament streaks in the history of their men’s basketball programs.

Each tournament includes upsets and unforgettable plays that fans will remember for decades.

Think about Villanova’s 3-point buzzer beater to win the national championship in 2016, Mario’s Miracle against Memphis that won the title for the Jayhawks in 2008, or Christian Laettner’s shot that stunned Kentucky in 1992.

Others, like the Texas Western victory over Kentucky in 1966, became a storyline embedded in national history.

There are hundreds of plays over the decades that have shaped the NCAA Tournament into one of the greatest, and most maddening, sporting events.

For many fans, tournament history began when they fell in love with college basketball. But, the March tournament began years before that moment.

Thanks to the NCAA, fans can now learn about what they’ve missed.

The NCAA complied a timeline of memorable moments from the tournament starting in 1939 when Oregon, known then as the Wandering Webfoots, “whipped” Ohio State to become National Champions.

Click here to view the NCAA’s timeline.

From headlines to tournament pictures, the site allows fans to scroll through the history of the tournament while watching current games.

Learn about what happened in the tournament the year you were born, and what fans were cheering about decades before then.