Donutology helping community send dozens of doughnuts to local hospitals, first responders

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — First responders and hospital workers around the metro are getting a sweet surprise.

Sprinkles, cinnamon sugar and even cereal! Donutology’s goal is to inject happiness and fun into the world, starting in Kansas City. 

“Doughnuts are inherently a happy product, and right now we need happiness more than ever,” founder Andrew Cameron said.  

After feeling the negative effects of COVID-19, Cameron created the Care to Share program. For $20, plus tax, you can send two dozen doughnuts to a local hospital, fire or police station. 

“When you’re working hard, dealing with tough times like this, it does feel nice to have people reach out and say they appreciate what you’re doing,” KCK Police Officer Jared Johnstone said.

The best part might not even be the sweet treats inside. Community members who purchase a care package write their own messages of hope. 

A 10- and 7-year-old had one for the hospital workers helping people who are sick. 

“Each kid told them to kick coronavirus’ butt,” a Donutology employee said. 

In return, nurses and doctors sent Donutology numerous heartfelt calls and messages — with pictures of doughnuts in hand, of course.

“We were able to tell them, it’s actually not just us,” Cameron said. “It’s also all the community around just looking for ways to help.”

In less than a week, they’ve delivered 450 boxes to people working on the front lines against COVID-19. 

On Monday, they had 70 stops alone. Cameron said a few of them were tearful. 

“It’s been pretty emotional,” Cameron said.

A trip to the KCK police station was all smiles and laughter.

Johnstone read a note that said: “Since you can’t live off coffee alone, we sent you some wholesome food to go with it. Don’t worry the center is 100% fat free.”  

For every box sold, $2 goes to support the nonprofit Operation Breakthrough. 

“So this will help make sure that they don’t have meals disrupted and they can continue their program,” Cameron said.

The heroes in hospitals, fire and police stations can continue to protect and serve — fueled by the community. 

“Thank you. We really do appreciate it,” Jonstone said. “Keep ’em comin’!”

If you would like to send a care package, visit

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