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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — At KCPD’s East Patrol, police teamed up with the community to help five kids stuck in the middle of a heartbreaking situation.

Officer Greg Smith and social worker Trena Miller found the children in horrific conditions.

“Trash up to your mid-calf, feces from rodents and stuff crawling around, rotten food,” Miller said.

Their mother was high on PCP.

“I would have to say it’s pretty traumatic, especially for the kids because the house was almost in a non-livable condition,” Smith said. “We just don’t wanna see any kids subject to that.”

The five siblings were scared, starving and hardly had any clothing.

“It’s very disheartening because the kids are wonderful,” Miller said. “They love law enforcement officers. They hugged everybody. They were so appreciative.”

An officer stepped up to donate clothes to the kids.

Smith and Miller then reached out to the Prospect Business Association, who provided them with a hot meal from Sunfresh.

“They had great appetites,” said Donald Maxwell with the Prospect Business Association. “He said they ate a lot of chicken, mashed potatoes and things of that nature. They were happy.”

“It was just a joy to see them eat and be satisfied and to feel safe here at the police department,” Smith said.

Everyone involved said they’re happy to help find a silver lining in a sad situation.

“It’s nice to see the community not even hesitate to jump in and say, ‘Absolutely, we’ll be there,'” Miller said. “And they were there immediately to help.”

Police said all five kids are currently together and safe. But they could really use two bunk beds so each of them can have their own bed to sleep in. If you can help, call East Patrol.