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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Two seniors from Lincoln College Prep are mowing people’s lawns for free all summer.

Andrew Robinson and his best friend, Darby Hattaway, usually cut grass during the summer months to make money.

This year, they’re spending money in their savings to do the job for free because they recognize many people are hurting.

“Having someone to come mow your law for you is a luxury, and so when you don’t have a source of income coming in, you can’t spend for that luxury,” Robinson said.

“We really just feel like it’s a great opportunity for us to be able to go out and make connections with the neighborhood,” Hattaway added.

Robinson said his mom, who is a physician at the University of Kansas Hospital, inspired him to want to help others during the ongoing pandemic.

“She’s still working through all of this but even then, she’s cooking food for old people that can’t do it on their own and going to get groceries for them,” he said. “So I just really looked up to her for it.”

The 17-year-olds started organizing their efforts two weeks, posting an ad on the neighborhood app, Nextdoor. They have already completed four yards, including one belonging to Lisa Dunn.

“It just totally surprised me,” Dunn said. “I was really in awe.”

The retired firefighter had been looking for someone to cut her grass for a while when she came across the teens’ ad. She has a torn meniscus and arthritis in the knee, making it difficult for her to mow certain sections of her yard.

“It really was like and answered prayer,” she said. “[Andrew] has a good heart.”

Dunn said it is nice to see young people doing positive things in the community.

“This is what we need to see,” she said. “This is what gives us a glimpse of a brighter future.”

Robinson and Hattaway said they’re not in it for the recognition. They’re doing this because there’s a need.

“It feels great when you get the text and it says that their prayer was answered or it made their day or something,” Robinson said.

The teens have more friends who are willing to help if more people start to reach out. If you or someone you know would like the boys to cut your grass, text Andrew at 816-753-6672.