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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — DJs are dealing with cancellations thanks to COVID-19. However, a group of popular disc jockeys in the metro are teaming up to help small businesses.

DJ Ashton Martin, DJ Highnoone, and DJ Boogie B normally play to hundreds of people on an average Saturday night. Since the pandemic, their schedules are, like many others, suddenly free.

“All those things went away,” DJ Ashton Martin said. “So now it’s, ‘What do I do with this energy?’ because I have a lot of it.”

They decided to take their free time and do something they believe is helping others. The DJs are using an empty warehouse and a Facebook stream to help metro small businesses.

They call it Saturday Night Live streams, and they promote one business each week. Previously they helped Margarita’s Mexican restaurant, Hemp Haus, Parkway, and Ale House.

“We’re just a few out of work DJs right now, so we thought we’d put a project together and give you a little fun,” DJ Boogie B, or Brian Thiel, said on their first stream.

Theil is offering his warehouse where they gather in a small group to take turns at the turn tables.

The DJs use a green screen to post logos and promotions. They remind people how the business is operating and how to get in touch.

“Each one of us has several thousand followers,” DJ Highnoone, or Brandon Noone, said. “We’re trying to pull those people together to let them know, ‘Hey, you can get a steak from so and so’s deal, or maybe you can get that sandwich, or some chicken wings to go.'”

“There’s still business open,” Thiel said. “You may have to do a curbside pickup or maybe even a delivery option, but this place is still open.”

The men said they’re hoping businesses and bar tabs will be back to normal soon, but until then they will keep mixing it up online.

“This is not about us,” Martin said. “This is about everybody working together, and if we can help a local business, we’re going to.”

If you would like to collaborate with the DJs you can get in touch with DJ Ashton Martin, DJ Highnoone, or DJ Boogie B through their Facebook pages. The streams are posted on Ashton Martin’s personal Facebook page Saturday nights from 9 p.m. to midnight.