200,000 have recovered from the coronavirus, 4 times the number of deaths worldwide

Tracking Coronavirus
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A map from Johns Hopkins University shows that the number of people who’ve recovered has reached more than 200,000 cases worldwide, as of earlier on April 2.

That’s more than four times the number of global deaths, which is just over 50,000.

The majority of the confirmed recovered cases come from China, numbering more than 76,000. Spain, Germany and Italy also report a large number of recovery cases.

In the United States however, the number of people who’ve recovered vs. those who’ve died is a much closer number. As of Thursday afternoon there were about 9,000 recoveries and about 5,600 deaths in the U.S.

Numerous reports of deaths related to the coronavirus as well as of those who have recovered suggest people die much faster than they recover. Where the conditions of someone with the illness can worsen dramatically in just a few days, most cases last 2-6 weeks long before someone is fully recovered.

Although China at first reported a large number of deaths, their number of recoveries have largely outpaced their mortality rate as the number of reported cases has leveled off.

The U.S.’s case rate skyrocketed in mid-March, which was at nearly half a month after the case rate started to really grow in Italy.

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Tracking Coronavirus

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