BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — The passion and debate over masking continues in Jackson County, this time in suburban Blue Springs.

Hundreds of parents and others have signed a petition asking the county legislature to implement a universal mask mandate for schools. The petition was emailed sometime this week.

The Blue Springs School District dropped its mandate when Jackson County ended its public mask rule back in November. Since then, the county legislature has discussed bringing mask mandates back several times, but has never voted in favor of one.

“It shouldn’t have to be mandated. You should want to do this,” parent Kim Sinnard said.

Sinnard said just this week she’s gotten three emails saying one of her kids was exposed to COVID-19 in the classroom, and it doesn’t sit well with her.

“Me protecting my kids from this virus is not hurting you in the least, but you allowing your kids to go unmasked puts my kids at risk,” Sinnard said.

The letter says current vaccination rates are below those needed for herd immunity, and without universal masking, school COVID-19 outbreaks will continue.

“My 6th-grader even came home and told me yesterday she was asked why she still wears two masks and her answer was to keep you safe,” parent Lisa King said.

She and her husband Andrew signed the letter, too. They’re doing their best to protect their three kids who go to school in Blue Springs.

FOX4 reached out to Jackson County about people’s concerns, but we haven’t gotten a response yet.

Last month Blue Springs City Council voted unanimously to adopt a resolution saying the county does not support future mask mandates. FOX4 reached out to city leaders as well but haven’t heard from them.