‘By the grace of God’: How a metro single mother bounced back from no job, no home during the pandemic

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — While unemployment rates have gone down, people are still struggling to find work.

One Kansas City woman hopes her story inspires other to keep pushing.

“I did not imagine myself being fully stable a year later, being able to not only find a really, really good job, but conquering some of the things I never think I would conquer before,” Jessica Fulghem-Jarmon said.

FOX4 interviewed Jarmon in April of 2020 after she was fired from her job and on move-in day at her new apartment, management told her she couldn’t move in since she wasn’t employed full-time.

A local doctor who saw the story helped her pay to get into a new home and took care of rent for the next two months.

“With my situation, by the grace of God there was someone that was listening that took into consideration, could see what I was doing, and that led me to the path that I am on now,” Jarmon said. “If I didn’t speak up, if I didn’t use my voice then I wouldn’t be here where I am at today. Speak up, you never know who’s listening.”

Thousands of people are still struggling from the impact of losing jobs last year.

According to a report from the state of Missouri, the Kansas City metro remains down more than 46,000 jobs.

“The volume of people in need is surprising. It’s very large,” said CEO of Catholic Charities, Karen Joel. “We had more asks in the fourth quarter of 2020 for rent and utility assistance, so October through December, than we did all of 2019 together.”

Groups like Catholic Charities said they are here to help and fill the gap, providing utilities, employment, family and housing assistance to those in need.

If someone is needing help, they can call 816-221-4377 or go to their website. 

Jarmon hopes her story of success and drastic turnaround helps people through their hard times.

She says she is a living testimony, things will and can get better, even during a pandemic.

“I paid my car off almost two years in advance, we are just climbing one day another, and it’s almost a year since everything happened,” Jarmon said. “We are just going to start traveling more that things are taken care of, just start traveling and living life to the fullest.”

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