Children’s Mercy Hospital says patient seen in ER tested positive for COVID-19

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A child has now tested positive for the coronavirus, according to Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Doctors said the patient came into their emergency room Sunday evening, and doctors received test results on Tuesday morning.

Doctors still recommend if your child is sick, you don’t need to rush out and try to get them tested.

Children’s Mercy doctors would not say if this child is the same child from Wyandotte County who is known to have been exposed to the coronavirus.

Doctors did say they notified Kansas City’s health department, who will then notify the health department in the area where the family lives, indicating this may be one and the same child.

The child is reported to have mild symptoms and is recovering at home with their family.

Doctors at Children’s Mercy say if they see a child with a fever, cough and shortness of breath, combined with some recent known contact to someone with COVID-19 or recent travel outside the area, that will prompt the hospital to test for the coronavirus.

“Yes, kids can get this but from the information we know right now it does not appear to be near as severe,” said Dr. Jennifer Watts, director of emergency preparedness at the hospital. “It’s okay to treat them at home with mild symptoms. It’s okay to treat their fever at home with fever reducers. It’s okay to treat their cough at home with warm water and humidifiers. The biggest thing is to decrease contact with other people. Social distancing, as with any other viral illness.”

Children’s Mercy used a commercial lab in Lee’s Summit, Missouri to get the test results back in two days. Doctors are happy with that short turnaround given the amount of testing underway.

The state says the Lee’s Summit lab is capable of processing 1,000 tests a day.

In the last week Children’s Mercy has tested 103 kids for the coronavirus. Only one case has come back positive.

The hospital also has tested 27 employees who have show symptoms and either traveled outside the region recently or have been exposed to a known coronavirus contact.

Nine more staffers at the hospital are scheduled to be tested Wednesday.

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