City of Independence now urging people to wear a mask inside public areas

Tracking Coronavirus

The city of Independence is now urging people to wear a mask inside of public areas.

The city issued a public health advisory Friday after seeing the growth of the COVID-19 Delta Variant.

“We’re seeing a rise in numbers in places where people are not getting vaccinated, so there’s definitely something going on there,” Lyndsey Stettnisch, Independence resident said.

People like Stettnisch said they enjoy hanging out without a mask but understand things could change with the rise in COVID-19 numbers.

“I’m scared, yeah,” Stettnisch said. “I don’t want it to go back to how it was with everything being shut down.”

Independence Mayor Eileen Weir said the advisory is not mandatory, but she recommends people to follow it.
People are dying from this variant and most of the people if not all of the people who have died from this are not vaccinated,” Weir said.

Some people said we all should do what we can now, to prevent a possible shutdown.

“There is some frustration to having to where mask, but I think it’s like look at your neighbor,” Jordan Byrd, Resident said. “It’s for the greater good I suppose.”

Parents are encouraged to take their children aged 12 or older to get vaccinated. The Pfizer vaccine is approved for people 12 and older.

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