Doctors urge parents to keep children at home during coronavirus pandemic

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Following the metro-wide stay-at-home order has been extremely challenging for some folks. But doctors are urging everyone to stay home, including kids.

FOX4 went to three playgrounds across the metro on Wednesday — all were empty. It’s what they should look like at least throughout the month of April.

Officials have taped them off to keep kids from using the equipment and away from each other. It’s another way to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Health experts are urging parents to continue practicing social distancing in their neighborhoods, too.

“We’re encouraging everybody, including children, to socially distance themselves, which means staying away from other people except for those that you live with,” pediatric infectious disease specialist Dr. Jennifer Schuster said.

That means no play dates, no parties and no hanging around each other, even if you’re six feet apart.

Schuster said, overall, children who’ve contracted coronavirus have experienced mild symptoms compared to adults. But they can still spread it to others.

“So regardless of the fact that information is available to us, you have to pretend like that’s not the case. You have to pretend like this is extremely dangerous for everybody,” parent Nick Dryer said.

Doctors say children can still enjoy outside activities, like walks and bike rides. But it should only be with people they live with — same thing goes for adults.

“Our recommendation is to stay at home. We know that it can be very socially isolating for little kids, teenagers and even for adults,” Schuster said.

Officials say the sooner people start following guidelines, the sooner things will get back to normal.

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