Douglas County making sure all frontline workers who want a COVID-19 vaccine get on the list

Tracking Coronavirus

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Kan. — With vaccines on the way and health care workers first in line, both Missouri and Kansas leaders are working to make sure those who need it, get it.

Douglas County is making sure all frontline workers who want to be on the queue to get a vaccine are on the list.

“We want the process to be as seamless and as efficient as possible and getting a safe vaccine into people’s hands so that we can all kind of chart to work to get past the pandemic and get more back to normal,” George Diepenbrock with Lawrence-Douglas County Public Health said.

The department put up a vaccine open enrollment form on their website. The goal is to make sure, outside of major hospitals, that health care workers get access to the vaccine first in their county.

“It’s just making sure that we continue to collaborate and everything that we’re doing, and especially not missing any health care workers that that do need to get that being included in that first priority group,” Diepenbrock said.

In Johnson County, the largest county in Kansas, they said health care providers should contact the state directly. Once the immediate need is filled, they will work on filling the requests they can.

“How much vaccine is there to take care of that, that for those first groups that have been identified, and then it goes down, you know, into phase two, and then to phase three,” said Nancy Tausz, the Johnson County Health Department’s health services division director.

“It’s so dependent on amount of vaccine, how quickly the the large that the additional groups will be added to that to be able to access the vaccine.”

Douglas County said once frontline workers who want to be vaccinated are taken care of, they will do something similar for employers of essential workers.



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