Family speaks out, facility responds to COVID-19 outbreak at Northland nursing home

Tracking Coronavirus

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Three people are dead and more than 140 came down with COVID-19 at a Northland care facility. Now, a family member of one of its residents is speaking out, and Garden Valley Healthcare Center is responding. 

“I wouldn’t want it to be another Riverbend,” the family member said.

He told FOX4 his family member has lived at Garden Valley around a year-and-a-half. He said they already caught COVID once and recovered, but the new numbers have them on edge.

“Surprised, frustrated, disappointed. We heard about the number of cases, and that was it,” they said.

Since September 15, Garden Valley reported more than 140 cases of COVID at the facility. Of those cases, 98 are residents and 44 are staff members. Fred Stratmann, a spokesperson for CommuniCare, which owns Garden Valley, says 71 people have recovered.

“You see a great deal of asymptomatic spread. So, that people who may not have temperatures or any of the symptoms come to work because they are unaware they have it,” Stratmann said.

“I would like to see better care. Better accountability. They don’t have any accountability there,” the family member said.

Kansas City and the state’s health departments are watching the situation. They are requiring regular testing and improved infection measures.

“We did a great job for six months of not having those cases come in, but you’re dealing with a virus that’s highly transmissible. That transmits itself that spreads through asymptomatic spread. We’re doing whatever we can to prevent it — but it happened,” Stratmann said.



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