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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A day after Missouri issued a COVID Hotspot Advisory for Jackson and Clay counties, the former director of the Kansas City Health Department was reminded that he warned that a COVID-19 spike was coming.

Dr. Rex Archer made the comments during a radio show in July, before he retired from his position at the health department. At that time, he said there would be a “huge blow up” in September in Kansas City. He was reminded about the comments during a COVID-19 update Tuesday morning with the University of Kansas Health System.

“The reason that I was concerned, and continue to be concerned, is this delta variant is so much more contagious, and folks that even have very mild symptoms are shedding fairly high levels of virus so that’s a concern,” Archer said.

He also explained that while steps, such as mask mandates, are being taken to slow the spreading virus, he hopes they were implemented soon enough to make an impact.

Archer warned that he continues to worry that there could be many more people diagnosed with COVID-19 and its viruses if the right decisions aren’t made.

“I think is one of the most critical reasons why I think this fall is dangerous is that many of the school systems were being pressured by a small number of, I think, very ill-informed parents to not have masks mandated in the schools,” Archer said.

“And if schools don’t mandate mask wearing for everybody, we’re going to have a real problem this fall,” Archer added.

Many metro school districts have made the decision over the last week to require masks while inside school buildings. Several other districts plan to discuss the issue of masks, or other policies in the coming days.

Health experts said the key to overcoming the pandemic is for everyone who is eligible to get a vaccine.

If you need a vaccine, simply text a zip code to GETVAX (438829) to get information about the closest place to get a vaccination. The option is also available in Spanish by texting a zip code to VACUNA (822862).

You will get a text that includes several locations near you where the vaccine is available. It will also tell you which vaccine is available, plus information about making an appointment, or if you can simply walk-in for a shot.