‘It’s a zoo in there’: Metro stores struggling to keep up with long lines and short supplies

Tracking Coronavirus
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KANSAS CITY METRO — Panic buying doesn’t seem to be cooling down as fear of the coronavirus continues to run high.

Empty shelves can be found at stores all across the metro. The Price Chopper on US-291 had rows of empty shelves where toilet paper is stored. The same for the Walmart at Blue Ridge Crossing.

At Costco on Linwood Boulevard, managers issued purchase limits on items like toilet paper and paper towels as shoppers continue to empty shelves.

“They have limits on things now, so one toilet paper, one paper towels,” shopper John Maile said.

Some shoppers like Nadia Regis and her family have been growing frustrated over the increasingly difficult time it is taking to find household items.

“Some other places didn’t have toilet paper at all, and there was no parking, so I was like, I’m not going to even bother going there,” Regis said. “I think I’m pretty good for at least a good week and a half. Hopefully by then, this whole nonsense is gone.”

Regis said the check-out at Costco lasted more than 45 minutes, and the lines snaked around the store.

“It’s a zoo in there. It’s crazy in there. It’s like Black Friday. I’ve never seen it like this before,” Regis said.

Other shoppers sharing a similar sentiment after their time in the store.

“It’s crazy in there. Everybody is buying bottled water like the water is going to get turned off. The end of the world is not coming,” Maile said.

Costco has also temporarily stopped free food samples in response to coronavirus fears.

Metro area Targets are also rationing purchases on disinfectant wipes.

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