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OLATHE, Kan. — Johnson County’s health department has released a new vaccine interest form open to all county residents and workers, no matter their phase in Kansas’ vaccination plan.

At this point, the survey is just to access the level of interest across Johnson County and help with the planning process. The form is not considered an appointment and does not reserve a vaccine for you.

You can fill out Johnson County’s new “All Phases” COVID-19 vaccine interest form here.

When you fill out the survey, it will ask for contact information, health conditions and other criteria that could affect your eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine. Then when the vaccine is available to your phase, the health department will contact you with instructions for scheduling an appointment.

The health department says anyone who has already filled out a survey for Phase 1 or Phase 2 does not need to fill out this new form. Information in the Phase 1 and 2 surveys has been saved, and health officials are working to vaccinate those people at this time.

Johnson County is only vaccinating people in Phases 1 and 2 right now. Health officials said Thursday that anyone 65 and older who has already signed up has now been contacted for an appointment or vaccinated.

Starting the week of March 15, they’ll also start inoculating people in the remaining categories in Phase 2, including grocery store workers, restaurant/bar workers and bus/transportation workers.

Dr. Samni Areola, Johnson County health director, didn’t have an estimated timeline for when the county might transition to vaccinating people in Phase 3

Epidemiologist Elizabeth Holzschuh said the county is currently receiving doses of both the Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. She said the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine is being reserved to cover residents in harder to reach populations like those who are homebound, disabled or homeless.