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JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. — Health officials have revealed on April 16 the results of the past six days of randomized community testing.

Tests show that 3.8% of those who participated tested positive.

This is an increase in the percentage from when officials first revealed their initial findings two days ago, which at the time showed less than 3% testing positive.

Since April 10, The Johnson County Department of Health and Environment has administered 374 tests. Fourteen of those came back positive.

Health officials said the tests are meant to help them better gauge the spread of the coronavirus in the community at large.

They said they have already informed the people who tested positive and begun tracing their contact.

Testing will continue over the next several weeks. The focus of these tests are on essential workers and the general public, according to a statement from JCDHE.

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“Hour goal is to understand the amount of disease within our community and continue to take steps to slow the virus’s transmission,” JCDHE director Dr. Sanmi Areola said.