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It may be hard to believe, but grocery shopping and COVID-19 made for some good news in Kansas City Sunday.

Members of the City of Truth church spent Sunday afternoon handing out $50 gift cards to customers at Wild Woody’s Happy Foods on 31st Street. And much like the spread of COVID-19, handing out the cards happened quickly and covertly.

Church members met customers at the door, handed out the $50 gift card good only for Wild Woody’s, and only for Sunday. It took about 45 minutes to go through about $5,000 worth of cards.

“I was coming in,” explained Sarah Harris, who had come from church herself, “that’s when they met me outside. They said, “would you like $50 off of your groceries? I said, ‘I definitely would.’ And I said, ‘”Praise be to God!'”

What was Harris doing with the money? “It will let me bless some other people as I am being blessed. Yes! I am going to be able to pass it on, and tell other people about it.”

That’s exactly what City of Truth wants. 

“I hope that other organizations, other churches, they come out and help the community in crisis, and that we work together,” said Tina Downey of City of Truth. “Help the one that needs it: the elderly, the people that have children, that might not have meals, because they might be out of school.  We hope that they come in with us, and partner with us, and just lend a helping hand. It doesn’t matter how small or how big, just that they helped some type of way.”

“We know people are panicked, and they are in need. So we said instead of going to a Walmart, or Price chopper, let’s go into the heart of the city.: 39 and bless people who are in need,” added Downey.

Kachelle Baskin was pushing a shopping cart towards the meat aisle. She was surprised, but happy by the windfall.

“I am grateful,” she said. “It’s a blessing.”

She said she’d use the money she saved here to buy some things for her daughter.