Kansas City doctor dispels rumor that the coronavirus goes through N-95 masks

Tracking Coronavirus

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — There’s a rumor going around that the coronavirus can go through N-95 masks, making the idea of wearing masks sound unhelpful.

Dr. Darrin D’Agostino, executive dean of Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, spoke with FOX4 about the myth, saying it’s simply not true.

“There is a rumor that says the virus is too small and can get through. Not true,” D’Agostino said. “The virus is almost always linked to moisture, to water molecules that are coming out of our body, and even the fact that, if it was alone and only the virus, it’s so irradiate in the way that it moves that the N-95 is a great mask.”

He said the N-95 mask does enough to where health officials are comfortable wearing them in high-risk situations.

“When it’s used correctly, we’re not spreading virus, or we’re minimizing risk to such a level that we’re actually using this mask in front of coronavirus patients in ICU.”

However, he said not all masks are created equally.

“Where the problem is are the masks with the vents in the front. Those masks with the vents in front allow the exhaled gases from our body to leave through a very small, tiny portal. It’s almost no protection at all,” D’Agostino said. “Those masks were really invented for construction workers and those around dusty environments.”

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