Kansas City mask mandates: Viewers share fiery and functional plans for face coverings

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — We’ve been wearing them for a year, now many metro counties, cities, and businesses are rolling back mask mandates.

The decisions poured in after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention decided to ease mask-wearing guidelines for fully vaccinated people last week.

But not everyone is ready to unmask. Other businesses and attractions join Wyandotte and Douglas counties as they consider how to move forward.

We asked fans of FOX4 on Facebook what their thoughts are surrounding mask mandates.

Kathy wrote that she and her daughter still need and use masks at work, but she won’t wear a mask otherwise.

Stacy shared that her son is a cancer warrior and her family will never not need masks at their house.

Other FOX4 Facebook fans do have the decision whether to ditch masks or continuing wearing them, and they shared what they planned to do with masks in the future.

“Keep wearing it until children can get vaccinated,” Tina wrote on the FOX4 Facebook page.

“I’ll be keeping mine and continuing to wear it when I don’t feel 100% so that I’m not potentially getting others sick,” Hailey shared.

There are also viewers who plan to keep masks to use during flu season or if the pandemic gets worse in the future.

Marie shared that she’s keeping her mask because they’re still needed, in her opinion.

Vikki will also continue wearing her mask, even after being vaccinated. She said that she has health issues and her immune system is weak.

A lot of people are happy to see the mask mandates lifted, with some commenting that they plan on tossing their masks in the trash, or in fire pits and bonfires.

Have a mask burning party, Angie said.

Others are getting creative and repurposing their masks.

Char plans to make a quilt with the masks.

Ann found out that masks make great hammocks for all the Barbies around her house.

Emily shared that she planned to hang on to masks and other pandemic memorabilia for her kids to keep in the family. Big history event.

Share your thoughts with us on the FOX4 Facebook page.

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