Kansas sets new record for worst 2-week coronavirus spike

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TOPEKA, Kan. — Kansas set another record Monday for its worst two-week spike in reported coronavirus cases since the pandemic began.

The state Department of Health and Environment reported 982 more confirmed coronavirus cases since Friday, an increase of 6% that brought the total to 16,901. It also reported another three COVID-19-related deaths to bring the total for the pandemic to 280.

Gov. Laura Kelly is trying to combat the resurgence of new cases with a mandate for people to wear masks in public, and her order took effect Friday. However, the state’s 105 counties can opt out under state law.

During the past two weeks, Kansas reported an average of 317 new coronavirus cases a day. That was nearly 15% higher than the 276 for the two weeks that ended Friday, previously the largest spike.

During the past two weeks, Kansas has reported more than 4,400 additional coronavirus cases, an increase of more than 35%.

The new cases include a jump of 50 tied to gatherings since Wednesday, the last day cluster data was reported. There also are 32 more cases linked to private businesses, 23 connected to long-term care facilities and 15 related to meatpacking plants.

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