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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Recent surveys show more than half of the population is hesitant to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Many people say they are concerned about potential side effects.  

A local IT company has created an app to help keep track of the side effects of the vaccine. Track My Vaccines is a centralized location where you can share your reaction to the vaccine, get reminders about your second dose and more.  

Jeremy Elias owns Track My Solutions. His company developed Track My Implants three years ago to help people keep up with medical device recalls.  Now he’s using the same platform and technology to help keep track of COVID-19 vaccine information. 

“We’re here to save lives through technology,” Elias said. “When you want to know, if patients that were around your age, demographic, were dealing with a fever, two or three days after the shot, we have the ability to identify that data and produce it and make it actionable directly to our patient population.” 

The CDC is also collecting data on side effects through a web app called V-Safe. Dr. Dana Hawkinson with KU Health System said these apps give people the chance to share their experiences and help give others more insight. 

“If you do have some, certain symptoms or significant symptoms, there is also ability for the CDC to contact you or for you to get into contact with the CDC as well, to answer other questions also,” Hawkinson said. 

Hawkinson said this gives patients a chance to give feedback. 

“This puts a little bit of power in your hands to make that known to the general public. It’s not just publishing out on a social media website, but it’s actually going and being collated and collected and will be put in with other scientific data,” Hawkinson said. 

The results collected through the CDC’s app will eventually be released, but Track my Vaccines will allow users to see the results in real time. 

“If something happens today, we need to know about it, and we need to educate our patient population to know about it. That’s our mission,” Elias said. 

Track My Vaccines will officially launch Jan. 22.