Metro doctor debunks some face mask myths as mandates begin

Tracking Coronavirus

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Wearing a face mask has become a hot topic across the country, including in the Kansas City metro.

Starting this Friday, people in Kansas will be required to wear face coverings in public places. 

“It’s been proven that the numbers are going up. It’s not a bunk. It’s not a myth. I think it’s just a good idea. Why not? Let’s all just be safer,” Peter LaFond said. 

But there’s been some pushback.

One person wrote on Facebook, “Masks do not protect or prevent COVID…wearing a mask will get people sick more.”

Doctors at KU Medical Center say that’s not true. 

“We have really good population data suggesting and saying that people or countries or areas that mask have lower spread of the disease and hence lower mortality, lower deaths from the disease,” infectious disease specialist Dr. Dana Hawkinson said. 

Hawkinson also said breathing in a mask should not be a problem for most people. 

“Any of those cloth face masks, surgical masks or N-95 masks, you are going to have very adequate gas exchange. So oxygen is going to get in and carbon dioxide is going to leave,” he said.

Tracking Coronavirus

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