Missouri, Kansas coronavirus deaths to peak later than average in the US, statistics organization predicts

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SEATTLE — While the majority of the U.S. coronavirus deaths will likely mount in the next few days, Missouri and Kansas will likely see the most state deaths due to the illness after a few more weeks.

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, based out of the University of Washington in Seattle, predicts Missouri’s peak number of deaths will happen on April 22, estimating 17 deaths. Kansas is predicted to peak on April 23 with 10 deaths.

In comparison, the country’s average peak is predicted for April 12. More than 2,200 deaths are expected across the nation.

The difference is likely due to the vast number of cases and deaths in New York and Washington, which were the first states to get hit hard with COVID-19. Cases in Missouri and Kansas spiked later.

Predictions show the number of deaths from cases falling through May, reaching 0-1 deaths per day in both states by June 1. The data also predicts that there will not be any hospital bed shortages in either state.

Missouri is predicted to have 548 deaths due to the illness by Aug. 4. Kansas is expected to see 299.

However, these predictions are based on the presumption that full social distancing measures remain in effect through May 2020. It’s unclear what “full” implies.

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