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NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The state of Missouri will send about half of its vaccine doses to hospitals so that the medical centers can help vaccinate the public.

North Kansas City Hospital and Liberty Hospital are partnering with Cerner World Headquarters to vaccinate people who live or work in Clay County.

This comes after the state of Missouri announced on Monday that it chose a selected number of hospitals in each region to give more than half of its vaccine.

“As the state of Missouri receives more vaccine from the federal government they will increase the capacity of the 16 vaccination sites in Missouri,” said Steve Reintjes Sr., president and executive chief officer for Kansas City North Hospital.

The coalition between North Kansas City and Liberty Hospital anticipates vaccinating up to 4,500 individuals every other week and is prepared to increase the volume to 3,500 per day as more vaccines become available.

“It is important to note that having a dedicated site where that’s all you’re focusing on every day all day definitely will help efficiency of getting shots in arms,” said Gary Zaborac, Clay County director of public health.

The hospitals selected by the state get vaccines every two weeks.

North Kansas City and Liberty Hospital are a part of the first round that’s getting doses this week. Hospitals in the second round get doses next week.

Shots that will be given at the Cerner World Headquarters are appointment only.

Anyone who lives or works in Clay County that is interested in getting the shot is asked to fill out the county’s online survey.