Residents feeling safer going out as restaurant-related COVID outbreaks continue

Tracking Coronavirus

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City’s Health Department is planning the next part of its investigation after multiple COVID-19 cases trace back to a popular metro bar.

Even though studies show eating and drinking at restaurants double your risk of contracting the coronavirus, people told FOX4 News they feel safe.

“It’s been fine,” Courtney Norris said. “I don’t feel like it’s been any different besides the tables being six feet apart or there’s a table of people and then no table.”

It’s a new normal for Norris, hanging out with her friends at the Power and Light District.

“I mean, I feel like working in an office and being in public, like if I have it, somebody else has it,” Norris said. “If someone else has it, I have it, but as long as we’re taking precautions and wearing masks, it’s fine.”

Norris said the new normal is better than staying inside. But recent data from Kansas City’s Health Department shows otherwise.

Just this week the Health Department said Westport Ale House had a recent outbreak of COVID-19. The first person tested positive back in August. The department said it has received complaints about masks and crowd capacity.

In response Westport Ale House told FOX4 News employees have followed CDC guidelines by adding additional steps to protect employees and customers.

People back at the Power and Light District said bars and restaurants are doing what they can.

“We’re fortunate to get what we are able to get and it’s been overall a pretty good experience,” David Norris said.

Tracking Coronavirus

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