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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The online world offers a number of shortcuts for patients seeking COVID-19 vaccinations.

The owner of one website said her team will do the work for you and schedule your appointment — at no charge. “Your COVID Shot” is one of several websites that offer assistance for frustrated vaccine seekers.

Mary Bolouri said she became something of a subject matter expert while helping her grandmother schedule appointments for vaccination. Sadly, Bolouri said she died while awaiting the vaccine.

“I know that if she had gotten the COVID-19 vaccine, she would be alive here with us today,” Bolouri said Tuesday.

That’s why Boloiuri said she started the Your Covid Shot website. Bolouri said the web portal will help patients cut through the red tape of the process, and after users register on the site, Bolouri will search provider websites constantly for local appointments at no charge. Those websites typically include online sources from major retailers and local health care providers.

“We’ve done a lot of research about which authorized health care providers are available to be doing these appointments, but more importantly, which ones offer them on their website. Those are the ones we can remotely access,” Bolouri said.

Experts that FOX4 spoke with were skeptical about use of external sources for finding vaccinations. Bill Snook, a spokesperson with the Kansas City Health Department, said he recommends sticking with vetted, reliable sources for finding appointments, and he sympathizes with those who are frustrated.

“It’s not ideal. We understand that,” Snook said. “The best way to get vaccine at this point is to get on those surveys, so when it becomes your time, you can get that call.”

Snook said the Kansas City Health Department is receiving only 15,000-20,000 doses each week, and public health officials are frustrated about that, too, but the best means of signing up is through state and county health department resources. 

“The issue we’re seeing is people are tired and they’re frustrated, and they’re seeing other people get where they think they’re ahead. We’re seeing a lot of vaccine envy. We know it’s not ideal, but this hasn’t been done since the early 1900s. So we’re trying to do the best we can,” Snook said.