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Masking and vaccinations are touchy topics during the COVID-19 pandemic, and everyone from governments to school districts are weighing in on the best practices to stay safe.

Now one dating site says single people are also taking a stance. released results of a new survey. One of the questions asked was whether respondents would date someone who isn’t vaccinated against COVID-19.

According to the site, 86% of people who responded, an overwhelming majority, said there is no way they would date an unvaccinated person. But dating experts said the results aren’t necessarily coming from a health and safety standpoint. Instead they may be more focused on what they can’t do on a date.

“From restaurants to movies – and even sporting events – traditional dating activities are limited based on vaccination status, and our members see it as a clear dealbreaker,” says Maria Sullivan, Vice President and Dating Expert of

The pandemic has been a tough time for many single people. There has been forced isolation with stay-home orders, numerous events have been canceled, and bars and restaurants were closed.

Even with the isolation, there are a handful of other things that people who took the survey identified as dealbrakers.

More than 55% said being late was an instant date killer. Many also aren’t fans of long-distance relationship, with 35% of responders saying they weren’t interested.

If you plan on using a dating site, make sure you research it, and be careful about the type of information you share.